2017 Deterrence Education

& Research Symposium

Presented by AFCUWS

July 11 - 13, 2017

*July 13 is invite only

Maxwell AFB, Alabama

Deterrence in a Complex World


The U.S. Air Force has identified deterrence as a strategic vector in its 2015 Strategic Master Plan, to include contributing capabilities to nuclear and non-nuclear deterrence of adversarial actors. Given new types of strategic threats, we need to develop new capabilities and concepts as well as improving current capabilities. While the nuclear mission remains the top priority, deterring the use of chemical and biological weapons, cyber weapons, and attacks in space will require additional capabilities to respond accordingly while minimizing the risk of escalation or wider conflict.


The Air Force Center for Unconventional Weapons Studies invites you to participate in a unique opportunity to discuss strategic deterrence education and research issues and network with some of the Air Force’s leading deterrence experts on:


  • Developing military students on deterrence and assurance concepts within the professional military and professional continuing education system
  • Developing a research agenda for a more comprehensive discussion on deterrence policy and strategy
  • Examining how deterrence theory is developed for non-nuclear mission areas – countering WMD, air and space operations, and cyber


Featured speakers will be announced soon. Please Check back frequently for more information.

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Wood Auditorium

Building 1402

Maxwell AFB, Alabama







2017 Deterrence Education & Research Symposium