Air Command And Staff College Electives



With the continuous threat from the proliferation of WMD technologies and weapons this course is designed to educate civilian and military members on Arms Control and Nonproliferation activities. The lessons are intended to enhance each participant's knowledge of the development, production, stockpiling, proliferation, and usage of Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological weapons, and arms control programs and treaties designed to stop proliferation.





Given the threatened use of nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) weapons and chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) hazards, the U.S. government must articulate polcies that allow the development of strategies, which in turn align resources, personnel, and priorities with policy objectives. The DoD and Air Force must understand the “whole of government” approach to countering those capabilities developed by nations with offensive WMD programs as well as sub-state groups that seek out CBR hazards for use against unprotected civilians.


Nuclear Wargaming


This elective will examine the conceptual employment of nuclear weapons in both strategic and operational military operations. Using three case studies, students will examine nuclear weapons employment concepts and identify relevancy of nuclear weapons to contemporary strategy discussions.